Arctic Shark
The Ultramech Arctic Shark® is the only mechanical roadway ice removal attachment for heavy equipment that increases overall productivity and reduces usage of de-icing chemicals. Built for durability, capability, and versatility, it can be mounted to a wide range of off-highway vehicles, including graders, skid steers, and utility type vehicles (UTVs) utilizing a universal attachment mount. The Arctic Shark is available in two model sizes and can be customized to multiple widths:

Devouring Ice on Roadways
Armed with a set of rotating teeth, the Arctic Shark’s articulating subframe adjusts to follow surface contour and maintains even ground contact on any terrain. Its rolling wheel sets are designed to turn the thickest of roadway ice into rubble, which can be easily plowed or loaded for removal. Operators can utilize the float mode on the machine or apply down pressure as needed in severe or deep ice situations to fracture ice on roadways, curbs, and gutters without damaging the surface underneath.

The Arctic Shark is made in the USA and covered by United States Patent #8,752,905.

Arctic Shark mechanical ice removal attachment

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Improved Efficiency
The Arctic Shark has a proven record of time and money savings due to its simple yet powerfully effective design. Customers have reported an 8X increase in productivity in terms of lane miles addressed, with a 50% reduction in crew size. Don’t take our word for it – read the customer testimonials for proof.

Increased Citizen Safety and Satisfaction
In winters with heavy snowfall, severe ice can build up on flat roads and shaded curb areas due to daily freeze-thaw cycles. The Arctic Shark allows maintenance organizations to quickly address hundreds of backlogged citizen complaints and replaces months of spinning tires, rear-end collisions and broken bones with well-cleared streets! The unit is invaluable to municipalities, counties, and any state that suffer thick ice build-up on roads during winter months.

Easy Maintenance
Simple fact: if equipment requires servicing, it is inevitably at the worst possible time, in the worst possible conditions. By utilizing off-the-shelf bucket teeth, the Arctic Shark allows operators to service the unit in the field - or even utilize different style teeth entirely with minimal downtime.

Environmentally Friendly
The Arctic Shark is a ground-powered, mechanical attachment that simply utilizes its own weight (and the weight of the attached vehicle) to break up snow and ice. It can be used to directly fracture ice for immediate removal, or to pockmark the surface before applying de-icing chemicals. Either way, the Arctic Shark significantly reduces usage of chemical surface treatments and greatly decreases impact on the environment.

Year-Round Usage
During summer months, the Arctic Shark is ideal for tackling construction and maintenance projects. The multi-purpose rotating teeth can easily dig through and loosen compacted earth and other surfaces. Got an alley to resurface? The Arctic Shark will rip through road base and recycled asphalt in short order. View the video demo to see how this versatile attachment efficiently breaks up material for road re-grading.
Model S44 S52* S60 S68 M92 D108
Compatibility Skid steer, compact tractor, utility vehicle 4WD tractor, wheel loader, small motor grader Wheel loader, motor grader
Frame Dimensions 57" W x 43" D x 30" H 74" W x 35 3/8" D x 56" H 109" W x 35 3/8" D x 56" H
Articulation Center Dual
Axle Width 44 in 52 in 60 in 68 in 92 in 108 in
Weight 1050 lb 1150 lb 1250 lb 1350 lb 2400 lb 2606 lb
Wheels 8 10 12 14 16 20
Teeth (6 per wheel) 48 60 74 84 96 120
Articulation Range 5 in

* Standard size for Arctic Shark S Series
Fast Attach Mount
The Arctic Shark D108 comes with an included fast attach mount that gives you the flexibility of mounting the attachment to any make, model, and style of loader or grader, simply by unbolting one hitch and bolting on a different one. For more details, please contact us or your local distributor.