Customer Testimonials
"One winter, our town experienced severe roadway ice build up due to snow fall accumulation of over 100 inches. With our new Arctic Shark ice removal attachment, our street division increased productivity by 8X in terms of lane miles addressed, while using only 50% of the previously required staff.

"We used Ultramech's Arctic Shark in two ways: to directly fracture the ice for immediate removal or to pockmark the surface prior to spreading granular de-icer, resulting in second pass removal of honeycombed ice. The unit effectively helped us eliminate a backlog of over 100 citizen ice complaints, in addition to normal ice removal duties. The use of deicing chemicals was also significantly reduced. The Arctic Shark essentially paid for itself after one month of use, in terms of cost savings and productivity."

- Dave Frost, Streets Superintendent, Town of Castle Rock, CO
“One of our main objectives is to maintain a very positive citizen satisfaction level.

During a severe ice season with daily freeze-thaw cycles, we received hundreds of citizen reports that required multiple crews and contractors to address. We utilized the Arctic Shark unit for directly breaking ice. We also used it to pockmark the ice for application of granular de-icer, which honeycombed the ice for break up with a single pass of the Arctic Shark.

This resulted in an overall project savings of more than 25% in time and costs, coupled with significant reduction in the use of expensive deicing chemicals and their potential environmental impact.”

- Danny Robinett, Superintendent for Streets and Stormwater Maintenance, City of Loveland, CO

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